Purpose of establishment

  • The development of Korea outdoor & sports industry
  • To grow business-to-business exchange between domestic and international enterprises, policy consultations of global government outdoor & sports industry
  • To present policy for the sustainable growth of Korean outdoor & sports enterprise
  • To build the infrastructure to expand effective policy implementation through public-private partnerships


  • To support the increase of domestic and mutual exchange of outdoor & sports enterprise
  • To propose policy and consultation for the government's outdoor & sports industry
  • To enhance global competition and support technological growth
  • To support global marketing, international cooperation, overseas exhibition, and exploration of new markets
  • To resolve conflict and unite the opinions of outdoor & sports enterprise
  • To train outdoor & sports experts



Establishment of Korean industrial
Standards & safety standards for the outdoor industry

Economic Indicator for
Outdoor Industry

Indicators of industrial activities & economic value

Industrial Technology

  • Establish outdoor sports research institution
  • Support new technology development
  • Establish outdoor college & training experts
  • Support fashion AI business & digital transformation

Globalization of Industry

  • National-level communication
  • Support international marketing/activities
  • Introduce the outdoor & sports industry into the global market