Major Business

Support Overseas Marketing
  • Support domestic & international exhibitions/activities
  • Exploration of promising new export markets
  • Continue a consortium program through the growth and exploration of global expert strategy
  • Hold seminars for outdoor & sports market trends
Project for Development of Competitive Export
  • Strategic recommendations for strengthening the policy of competitive exports to outdoor& sports markets
  • Support the development of new items & custom prototypes
  • Develop tailor-made solutions to strengthen the technological capability
  • Create conferences & an academy to identify new trends in technology
Form Networks Between Companies
  • Integrate the opinions of outdoor & sports companies
  • Organize and correspond with the consumer council
  • Develop infrastructure for the outdoor & sports industry
Project to Enhance Outdoor Product Competitiveness
  • Develop knowledge through specialized sewing technology skills
  • Customized design and sewing technology consultations for enterprise
  • Provide analysis of advanced premium products and offer related advice and information
  • Hold outdoor & sports design competition
  • Hold a conference to explore global markets and the latest technological advances